Carroll Robson

Protecting IP and Helping Companies Grow


Welcome to an Agile and Lean Law FirmSM for high-growth potential technology companies.  After working in the industry and starting our own companies, we understand the need for business partners that know what it means to be a high-growth potential, technology-based company.

Why Agile?

Clients in high-growth potential markets need business attorneys and legal advisers who can help them get from Point A to Point Z in the quickest and safest way possible.  Clients of Carroll Robson rely on our experience, agility and creativity to achieve their goals.

Why Lean?

Behemoth law firms with overpaid partners, marble hallways and expensive suits are soon to be a decadent piece of history.  Why work with a legal adviser who does not understand what it means to be the last to be on the payroll?  We know that working at coffee shops is not just cool, it is sometimes “the office.”   We understand that “day jobs” pay overhead and what it means to be the admin, designer, developer, CEO and intern all on the same day.

Wouldn’t you rather work with business attorneys who appreciate what it took your company to get where it is today?  Who have a passion for technology companies, IP law and a drive to deliver better service than what currently exists?